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Sunday, 2 April 2023 - Reported by Marcus

Forty years ago this week, any serious Doctor Who fan was heading for the west of England and the stately home of Longleat for the BBC official event celebrating 20 years of Doctor Who.

Those who made the journey, and paid their £7 for the two-day ticket, were treated to the greatest collection of stars and memorabilia from the series ever collected together in one place. 

Not only were all four surviving Doctors in attendance but many companions and members of the production team were there to answer fans' questions and sign autographs. 

The day was incredibly popular, taking the BBC by surprise, with queues clogging up the Wiltshire lanes for miles around. 

To mark the anniversary a new download has been made available Longing for Longleat. 

The download has been created by John Collier and Alex Storer who previously created two ebooks celebrating the Doctor Who Exhibitions in Blackpool - "Blackpool Remembered" and "Blackpool Revisited"

The publication is packed full of previously unseen photos and memories from attendees and some of the people behind the event.
It can be downloaded for FREE from this link
Jon Pertwee - Longleat 1983 (Credit: Nick Salmond)Janet Fielding - Longleat 1983 (Credit: Nick Salmond)Tom Baker - Longleat 1983 (Credit: Nick Salmond)