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Thursday, 16 September 2021 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who Magazine Issue 569 (Credit: Panini)

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out today, features an interview with new companion John Bishop. 


Highlights of the new issue include:


• An exclusive interview with John Bishop, in which he discusses growing up with Doctor Who, shooting the new series, and answers questions from DWM’s TARDIS tin.
• The second and final part of Black Powder, a brand-new adventure for the Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz, written by Joy Wilkinson.
• New insights into the Second Doctor’s missing episodes from fans who remember watching them.
• A detailed look at Doctor Who ‘orphaned’ episodes.
• How did 1972’s The Sea Devils threaten the entire series’ future? The untold story is revealed.
• Apocrypha revisits Wartime, an independent short film from 1988.
• Collectivity investigates how the BBC’s VHS releases transformed the world of Doctor Who fandom.
• How the alien world of 1967’s The Macra Terror was created by Doctor Who’s production team, featuring new CGI models by Gavin Rymill.
• The Fact of Fiction continues its analysis of the 1968 classic The Web of Fear.
• Meet the team behind the new Doctor Who Atlas.
• Sufficient Data explores Doctor Who’s big ideas.
• Previews, reviews, news, prize-winning competitions, Time and Space Visualiser and more.


Doctor Who Magazine Issue 569 is on sale from panini.co.uk and WH Smith from Thursday 16 September priced £5.99 (UK).

Also available as a digital edition from pocketmags.com priced £4.99.